Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tips For Raising a Toddler; 3 Ways to Make Bath Time Fun

Anyone that has a toddler knows that there are times that your toddler is not going to like bath time. But what can you do as a parent to make bath time fun all of the time for them? This is something that new parents and even seasoned parents have trouble with from time to time. So, to try and help the issue I have come up with the segment Tips For Raising a Toddler. In hopes to help parents all over the world.
The one thing to keep in mind is your child is new to the whole bath time routine and as they get older things do tend to scare them. You may have had a very happy baby when they were younger but as they have become older bath time seems to scare them. It is something every child goes through. But do not worry hopefully these tips will help you deal with the bath time issues.

Using Bath Time Puppets
When you have a toddler that is picky about bath time it can be a real challenge. However; there are ways around it. And they can learn to not to love bath time but to have fun too. A lot of the time you can find the bath time puppets at your local store. When you use the puppets, you are not only making sure that they get clean, but you can put on a special puppet show just for them.
 Then when bath time is over you just stop the show until the next time that they take a bath. Granted there are going to be things that they are not going to understand, but once they see the puppets again they will start to connect bath time with puppet and fun time!

Using a Safety Seat and Colored Foam Soap
One of most unique thing that you will find is that children love color. As a parent, I have found that with my 3 children what has worked is using colored foam soap with them. By putting them in their safety seat and giving them a handful of soap they are able to make designs and get clean at the same time. Mr. Bubbles now offers a variety of colors so you can pick out your child’s favorite color.
 The only thing that I would suggest is that right after the bath make sure you rinse all of the soap off of your little artist left behind because if not it will stain for a while.

Use a Water Squirter Toy
When introducing the child to the water squirter toys you can introduce them in 2 ways. The first way that you can introduce them to it would be to squirt your child and then laugh a lot of the time they will start laughing and trying to do it themselves or they will splash the water trying to get you wet.
However, if the child starts to cry you set the toys in the tub. While your child is sitting in the safety seat and you are washing them up a lot of them will check the toys out. By doing that you are letting 
them get use to the toys at their pace.

I am sure that just by doing these 3 things with your toddler you will find that bath time is going to be a lot easier and they are going to want a bath without the struggle. 

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