Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Blogging Tips Part 6 : Freelance Writers Get 30,000 viewers in 1 Month’s

How would you like to get 30,000 views in one months on your blog? Sounds unrealistic, doesn’t it? Well I am here to tell you that it is not. I have found a way that it is possible for individuals that really want to get their name out there. In this blog, we are going to go over what it takes to get the 30,000 views. I will break it down step by step. I hope this helps all the new bloggers and even the ones that have been at it for a while.

#1 Content is King Write Every Day

The main thing is that you need to make sure you write every day. When writing every day, you want to make sure that it is content that is going to interest your viewers and readers. But that is not all that you have to do. In a way, you have to do a little marketing when writing. You want to make sure that when you write you write pieces that make the people comment and interact. The more that you get to comment and react the more your blog will be passed to their friends and family.
Also, the more that you write a day the higher your web traffic is going to be. As they will see that you not only write once a day but the more you write the more they will read and pass on. Just keep in mind that this is based on 1 blog a day.

#2 Using Your Facebook and Twitter
This is the one most important thing that you need to do. Post your work to your Facebook and Twitter when you write it. You would be surprised as to how many of your friends and family will read your work. From there they will send it to their friends and family increasing your blogging traffic. But the other thing that you need to do is join some groups. In a general day I post my work to 15 different Groups on Facebook.

Plus, by adding it to Twitter you can post your work there for others to read and retweet to their friends and family increasing your blogs visibility even more.

#3 Using Referral Key  
As a writer, you are looking for more money, right? Using Referral Key, you can not only show case your work there but you can find clients there. By using these three sites and following theses steps you will find that you will reach 700- 1000 people a day so remember this simple equation:

1 blog a day  x15 sites on Facebook+ referral Key = 700 to 1000 views a day but the more you write the better your traffic is going to be. 

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