Tuesday, May 9, 2017

There’s Hope For Stroke Victims

Anyone that has had a stroke in the past knows that it can be difficult to be normal again and things do not also work like they should after a stroke. When that happens, individuals tend to think that the ability to do certain things is over.  Having a stroke can be devastating and life changing if limbs do not work correctly.

However; now there is a group of scientist and robotic technicians that are working together to make a life changing machine for those that have had a stroke and have lost the ability to use their hands. It is called the “Hand of Hope.” Although, to some it may seem like it is not possible to some after not being able to use their hands after so long there is hope.

The “Hand of Hope” will be used for physical therapy purposes, however the scientists in Honk Kong have mentioned that they are going to have a prototype that you can take home for home use as well. Which for a lot of stroke victims would make things a lot easier because they can do the therapy when they need it.  The machine is going to be in the ballpark of $4,000 U.S Dollars and for some that is not much to spend if that means that they are able to use their hands again. So the next time you see someone that has had a stroke let them know that there is the “Hand of Hope.” You may change someone’s life.

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